Information for your African safari

Visa Requirements

The visa requirements for South Africa vary depending on your nationality, so please check with us or your travel agent to confirm what you will need for your travels.


Malaria is prevalent in Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and some parts of South Africa. You should spray your arms and legs liberally with insect repellent, particularly at night, and should consider taking malaria prophylaxis. Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia are also considered Yellow Fever countries – South Africa requires a certificate of vaccination administered at least 10 days before entry into South Africa. Consult your doctor or a Travel Clinic.


Please make sure to lock all of your bags when travelling and to obtain travel insurance prior to departure. It is recommended that you travel with a set of clothes and essential items in your carry-on bags in case of lost luggage.

Please confirm luggage regulations with your international airline. Most domestic airlines in South Africa have a luggage limit of 20kg. 

If you've forgotten anything – don't panic. This is not the back of beyond, and you can buy whatever you need – probably at a good price.


The South African electricity supply is 220/230 volts AC 50 HZ. Most plugs are 15 amp 3-prong or 5 amp 2-prong, with round pins. If an adaptor is called for, consider bringing one with you, although they can be purchased locally.

US-made appliances may need a transformer.

Most hotel rooms have 110 volt outlets for electric shavers and appliances.